Taurus Apr 20 May 20 Zodiac Horoscope Daily Astrology

Taurus: The Bull

Taurus is the persistent provider of the zodiac, Taurus Apr 20 May 20 Zodiac Horoscope Daily Astrology sign that helps us seek security, enjoy earthly pleasures and get the job done.

What the Taurus zodiac sign is all about:

Taurus Apr twenty might twenty Zodiac Horoscope Daily star divination is that the second of the twelve signs of the zodiac, that begins its cycle within the middle of spring per annum throughout. Taurus season—which falls around Gregorian calendar month twenty-May 20. whether or not or not you’ve got Taurus planetary placements in your chart (find out by doing a free chart here), it’s vital to know the energy of this sign, as numerous planets travel through Taurus all year long, activating this sign’s earthy energy for everybodydespite your Sun sign.

Symbol: The Bull
Element: Earth
Quality: Fixed
Ruling Planet: Venus — the planet of beauty and love
Body Part: Neck, throat, jaw
Good Day: Patient, organized, supportive, romantic, careful, dedicated
Bad Day: Overindulgent, stubborn, lazy, vain, cheap, too cautious
Favorite Things: Photography, the mountains, great music, rich/gourmet food, satin sheets
What They Hate: Being rushed, wasting money, dirty things, hotels, mornings
Secret Wish: To own the best of everything Taurus Apr 20 May 20 Zodiac Horoscope Daily Astrology
How to Spot Them: Deep and soulful eyes, long and elegant necks, delicate jaw lines
Where You’ll Find Them: Comparing prices on a luxury purchase, singing in a band or choir, working three jobs, displaying paintings at an art gallery
Keywords for Taurus: Stability, security, elegance, sensuality, stubbornness, persistence

Taurus Apr 20 May 20 Zodiac Horoscope Daily Astrology

Then if the green light flashes, it’s all systems go! Until then, slow and steady wins the Taurus race.

This sign encourages us to break our work into simple steps then take daily action.

Taurus Element: Earth

Taurus Apr twenty might twenty Zodiac Horoscope Daily star divination is one in all the 3 zodiac signs sorted below the earth element.
The other 2 earth signs are Virgo and Capricorn. Since Taurus is that the initial earth check in the zodiac cycle, it’s just like the bedrock that sets the muse.

Many Taurus folks AR stabilizers, guaranteeing that there’s security for themselves et al.

Taurus Ruling Planet: Venus

Legend has it that when Saturn castrated his father, Uranus, Uranus’ blood spilled into the sea, impregnating the sea foam and giving birth to the goddess Venus.

That is sensual Taurus in a nutshell.

Taurus: A Fixed Sign

The zodiac signs are grouped into three “qualities”  cardinal, mutable and fixed signs.

They’re the stabilizers—the ones who set up a solid goal or foundation, then start building.

The pick up the ball when the cardinal sign passes it, and run the distance to the goal.

Taurus People: What They’re Like

Then steam pours out of their ears. But when they’re content and in the groove, there’s no happier sign than Taurus.

Never go cheap on a Taurus, because these epicureans love the finer things.

Famous & Celebrity Taurus People:

Adele, Al Pacino, David Beckham, Stevie Wonder, Donatello Versa, Che, Robert Pattinson, Chris Brown, Channing Tatum, The Rock,

Gigi Hadid, Queen Elizabeth II, Sam Smith, Megan Fox, Meek Mill, George Clooney, Lena Dunham, Tina Fey, Christian Lacroix, Jean-Paul Gaultier,

Valentino Garavani, William Shakespeare, Harper Lee, James Monroe, James Buchanan, Ulysses S. Grant, Harry S. Truman

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